Scale at Speed author Felix Velarde


Felix Velarde

Welcome. I am an agency chair, NED, lecturer and author, with specialist expertise in growing companies fast, and maximisingmaximizing value if you want to sell.

I am the founder of 2Y3X, a two-year commercial growth accelerator programmeprogram. 2Y3X has a solid track record of doubling or tripling revenue. 2Y3X has operations in the UK and Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and Middle East.

The manual for the programmeprogram, Scale at Speed: How to triple the size of your business and build a superstar team is published worldwide by Hachette. It is written for entrepreneurs who want to break through the business plateau and scale up fast, using people-centredpeople-centered principles.

In 2022 I co-founded Agency Ventures Aggregator (AVA) with Peter Lang and Tom Shipley. AVA is building a series of agency groups and an anti-holding company supergroup. You can find out more about AVA here.

“Felix brings a thoughtful, focused, rounded but cutting edge intellect to our business. He combines deep experience of agency know-how with cultured considered strategic thinking – a powerful driver and motivator.”

Bryan Wilsher, CEO, Loewy

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