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Felix Velarde

Welcome to my homepage. I’m a heavyweight* tech and agency chairman and board advisor. Working with some fantastic leadership teams my focus is on helping companies grow fast.

I’m the CEO of the 2Y3X programmeprogram, a two-year growth accelerator for companies that have reached a bit of a plateau and are ready and determined to scale up. 2Y3X has a solid track record of success, usually at least doubling revenue.

And I’m the author of Scale at Speed: How to triple the size of your business and build a superstar team, a manual for forward-thinking business leaders who want to learn how to grow and scale their organisations.

* Long CV, much trial and error

“Felix brings a thoughtful, focused, rounded but cutting edge intellect to our business. He combines deep experience of agency know-how with cultured considered strategic thinking – a powerful driver and motivator.”

Bryan Wilsher, CEO, Loewy

This site contains a few biographical notes, information about my consulting services, a little about speaking, lecturing, podcasts and press, and various articles and blog posts.

External links will take you to the Scale at Speed website and to the 2Y3X programme.

Finally, if you haven’t yet read the book…

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