Highly effective board advisor for London and LA-based agencies

As a CEO for twenty years I led groundbreaking creative, strategy and digital agencies, and a multi-discipline agency group. After several successful agency M&A deals I am now a board advisor and chairman helping ambitious marketing, machine learning and adtech businesses.

Building a brilliant company takes drive, which you have. However, breaking through plateaus and taking it to exit requires heavyweight experience. This is where a practiced external board advisor comes in.

More than ever before you must ensure your business is distinctive and compelling. The next 5 years will see significant changes in the way value is added, you must look at your business model and be clear on how and when it must adapt to be fit for purpose. – Roger Martin-Fagg, Chief Economist, Vistage, May 2017

A key focus is making sure you stand out a mile from your competitors. Clear agency positioning makes marketing easy, selling easy, recruitment easy, and attracts a premium on exit.

Then we implement battle-hardened frameworks to define your goals and strategy, with an ongoing roadmap for achieving them. Having implemented the process for nearly twenty firms, it’s proven to deliver exceptional growth, total agency transformation, or even turnaround (I’ve just taken one agency from loss to 22% EBITDA on 3x revenue in fifteen months). The results are consistently spectacular:

Felix Velarde board consultant results April 2017

Average revenue growth 2016 – 124%
Average revenue growth current* – 164%
* Tracking as at April 2nd 2017.

So how is it done? Why not email me or use the form to the right to set up a meeting.