Heavyweight Board Advisors For Fast-Growth Agencies and Tech Start-Ups

Exceptionally proud of the team at MomentumABM (one of the companies Felix chairs) for being shortlisted in the UK Agency Awards 2017 for Best Marketing Strategy for Agency Growth and Most Impressive Large Agency Growth

Building a brilliant company takes drive and tenacity. However, breaking through growth plateaus and taking a company to exit also requires actual experience. This is where expert external board advisors come in, so you can apply proven, practical processes.

More than ever before you must ensure your business is distinctive and compelling. The next five years will see significant changes in the way value is added, you must look at your business model and be clear on how and when it must adapt to be fit for purpose. – Roger Martin-Fagg, Chief Economist, Vistage, May 2017

  1. We use a battle-hardened business planning framework. It pins down strategy and provides an astonishingly effective roadmap, delivering leadership team coherence so you can achieve your goals without guesswork.
  2. A key focus is making sure you stand out a mile from your competitors. Clear agency positioning makes marketing easy, selling easy, recruitment easy, and attracts a premium on exit.
  3. Hiring A Players and making sure the right people are on the bus are critical to fast growth. We have the industry’s best resources for developing superstar teams.
  4. Ensuring bulletproof financial strategy is vital. When it comes time to buy, sell or raise PE finance, deep understanding and practical experience from all sides of the negotiating table gives you a clear and compelling advantage.

Having implemented the process for more than twenty firms, our approach has proven to deliver exceptional growth, total agency transformation, or turnaround (the team recently took one company from near bankruptcy to 3x revenue and 22% EBITDA in fifteen months). The results our clients get are consistently superb:

Felix Velarde board advisor results April 2017

Average revenue growth 2016 – 124%
Average revenue growth current* – 164%
* Tracking as at April 2nd 2017.

Focusing on very fast, surefooted growth, our board consultancy practice consists of industry heavyweights who work directly with ambitious owners and leadership teams:

      • Felix Velarde, a CEO for twenty years leading groundbreaking creative, strategy and digital agencies and a multi-discipline agency group. After several successful agency sales, Felix is now an exceptionally effective board advisor and chairman working with digital and marketing agencies and machine learning start-ups.
      • Bryan Wilsher, an exceptionally experienced consulting CFO specialising in fast growth start-ups and marketing services businesses. Bryan’s experience of over thirty acquisitions gives him an unmatched advantage in M&A, as does his expertise in Private Equity fundraising.
      • Julia Perry, the industry’s leading psychometric specialist, working with boards to optimise management teams and identify and recruit outstanding ‘A Player’ candidates, as well as executive team coaching.
      • Ben Silcox, a board advisor with a stellar background in network agencies and start-ups, and with a particular focus on marketing and sales strategy.
      • Katz Kiely, a board consultant and employee engagement specialist, extensive board level strategy expertise and a background which includes launching the United Nations’ first social media strategy.

    So how can we help you make your company stunningly successful? Take the first step and get in touch.