Non-Executive Director and Board Consultant

I work with owners and leaders who are serious about creating stellar agencies and extraordinary value.

Since starting my agency career in 1994, I’ve been CEO, Chairman and Non-Executive Director of a number of pioneering digital and strategy agencies and a group. I specialise in competitive differentiation, accelerating revenue and profits, and when the time is right, M&A.

I often work with companies that have reached a plateau or stagnated, and I help them break through their perceived barriers to growth – fast. Sometimes it involves working with opposing personalities or young leadership teams. But all these companies have one thing in common: a desire to become exceptionally successful.

My clients are ambitious digital, creative and PR agencies. By providing heavyweight guidance and world-class processes, the results speak for themselves:

Agency 3-year goal 2016 vs. 2015 Current Financial Year*
A Sale value $14m 1.55 x Revenue 1.6 x Revenue (1.41 x EBIT)
B Sale value $4m 1.32 x Revenue 1.68 x Revenue
C Sale value $12m 1.5 x Revenue 3.13 x Revenue
D Sale value $2.4m 2.02 x Revenue 1.39 x Revenue (2.35 x EBIT)
E Sale value $8m 5 x EBIT 1.33 x Revenue (4.9 x EBIT)
* Tracking as at January 31st 2017. ‘Sale value’ based on standard UK Multiples

The focus is on setting strategy, monthly senior management team meetings, and mentoring and coaching. The company’s roadmap is executed using simple, practical, and proven planning tools. And because there is no need for trial and error, the result is exceptionally fast growth.

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