Three exceptionally effective ways to maximise revenue

Having run a large number of companies and worked with a huge variety of clients over the past twenty-five years, several clear strategic advantages have proven stunningly effective time and time again. Here are three battle-hardened techniques you can use straight away.

Reframe the challenge

Doubling revenue from existing clients seems impossible. Setting that as a two year goal for your account managers won’t work.

But an increase of just 3% a month additional revenue from each of your existing clients delivers a 207% increase in total revenue after two years. Without winning any new business!

It’s the magic of compound interest.

Change the competitive environment

In a crowded marketplace, it’s very difficult to attract new clients. Hyper-specialisation counter-intuitively increases your market share. Specialisation may reduce your target market by 90% but:

  • When clients are looking for your service you will stand out as the only specialist.  “Want purple widgets? Speak to the Purple Widgets Company.”
  • Dramatically improve your pitch to win ratio.
  • Specialisation reduces your costs. You’ll be buying purple paint cheaper than anyone else, your advertising can be more targeted etc.
  • You can acquire an unassailable competitive position. Focusing on one area allows your company to build expertise,so strong that it won’t be worthwhile for others to challenge it. No-one produces purple products as purple as yours.

Scarcity taps into our deepest responses

If something is unattainable people subconsciously decide they want it more. So rather than of saying “we really want your business” at the end of a presentation to a potential client, say instead, “It’s been great talking to you. If you want to work with us we’ll have to see whether we can fit you in.” This one tip will stop clients thinking you’re desperate for their business, and will make them desperate to work with you.

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