What goes around, comes around

Just a note to say thanks for helping make it an epic year. Maybe I can give a little back.

As a Non-Executive Director I deliver “Execution Roadmaps” for agency clients, and this year their results have been staggering. On Saturday I had a brainwave: do an Execution Roadmap for myself. Two days later I realised something amazing. And then I did one for a friend, and my realisation was confirmed…

A Roadmap works by setting an ambitious goal and breaking it into steps: this year, this quarter, this month. In every board meeting I just make sure the closest tasks get done. This year two of my clients’ revenue went up more than fifty percent.

So I worked backwards and got to my list for January to make sure my own Q1 happens. On Monday I realised that just having a list meant there was stuff I could do straight away. The result: I’m about to achieve one of next quarter’s goals early and sign my first US client of the year.

My friend’s Roadmap showed she had to make some pragmatic decisions to achieve her dream, including getting a part-time job so she can afford the courses she’ll need. Seeing this, I posted on Facebook, and a friend hooked her up – half an hour after she’d finished saying she didn’t know where to start.

Only by making a plan and working out what the first step is will you have a chance of getting there. In my friend’s and my experience, it’s working brilliantly so far, same way it has for my clients. 

So if you’d like to see how it’s done I’ll gladly share it with you, whether it’s personal or for work, because I believe what goes around comes around. It’s also really nice to know that practicing what you preach works.

I wish you a stellar 2017 – it’s going to be amazing :)

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