What does the future hold?

So I’m on a sabbatical of sorts. I’ve been on a big holiday and cleared my head after selling Underwired, seeing the merger through and leaving.

It’s an interesting time for me. I have spent twenty-one years as a serial entrepreneur, a CEO and and agency value-builder. In fact I’ve sold more agencies than most, and probably started more than most too. I’ve become an expert in CRM, digital strategy (I teach this at the IDM and Hult Business School – where I’m an Adjunct Professor – to MBAs, CEOs and PostGrads), leadership and agency strategy.

I have spent the last few months working out what I’d like to do, what I’m great at, and more importantly what I’m not great at (the list is long!)

So I’m looking for what’s next. Critical for me is the ability to evangelise about the agency and about strategy. I love PR, public speaking, and pitching. I love winning business. I really enjoy coaching senior people. And I really enjoy bringing entrepreneurial leaders together under a unifying vision, that’s easy for clients to understand and creates genuine enthusiasm. Along the way I’ve realised something I do consistently well is build agency value, increasing agency multiples before sale. So my next move will likely have this as part of the equation.

It’s probably unlikely that this quest to find my perfect career move will be easy or quick. But I’m committed to a future which employs my passions for value creation, the vision thing, and marketing.

Wish me luck, and watch this space.

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