Big plans, no noise

My blog has been a little slow of late. Largely because I’ve been immersed in ambitious (and I hope revolutionary) plans. And I’m doing that because as a twenty-year agency vet (I started one of the first few digital agencies, in 1994) it’s so terribly easy to get comfy and do the same things over and over again.

In fact, I’ve launched a number of agencies – sold some, folded one (my bad), watched a couple get absorbed, bought one back… but always relatively small, very cool (my 17-year business partner Jason Holland is to thank for that). Time I think to change gears with my incredible team.

So… no blogs at the moment. Not many articles either. But interesting diversions (see this video from my recent trip to Madrid’s IE Business School) and looking forward to an absolutely amazing ’15. Watch this space!

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