Steve Jobs

I started a publishing company in 1992 because I discovered I could start something myself because of the Macintosh.

I started one of the first web design agencies in 1994 because I was inspired by a vision of what could be done with an Apple Mac. I spent a fortnight getting my Mac online, not my first frustration with them, nor my last, but the sense of achievement, of empowerment, when I’d done it was incredible. I helped create the multimedia programme and helped write the code that made an MPEG card work in a Mac for the first time in the UK, for the kiosks for a British Design & Art Directors Club (D&AD) Festival of Excellence. I crashed every Quadra I ever drove.

I was a fanatic. As a multimedia entrepreneur, Mac gave me the power to realise and evangelise a changing media world. Steve’s vision was echoed by many, many people, and standing on the shoulders of this giant his machines were used to express the new media reality.

Many of us who were at the vanguard of digital media would not be where we are today were it not for this one visionary man. Thank you Steve, the world is a richer place because of you, and a poorer one without you.

Felix Velarde

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