Minor admonishment

You seem to be focusing on the technology as opposed to the strategy. Technology serves strategy – it doesn’t drive it. Social CRM (or SCRM) is about why we engage customers at specific points in the customer journey cycle: the ‘how’ is the easy bit. First we need to set out a strategy based on observations about the effectiveness of a given contact (or nudge or peer interaction), establish the motivation and any correlations between motivation and bahaviour, perhaps based on observations about demographics or situation. Once we have a strategy then we can call in the vendors. As with most marketing communications, the vendors will advise based on their experience with their solution, not based on an holistic view. If you want to get involved in delivering Social CRM as a means to improve customer engagement and response, bring in a specialist in customer journey planning (or look up ‘eCRM agency’ in Google), and they’ll tell you who is best placed to provide the technology (or as in most cases, which technologies need to be employed), which will save you a lot of blundering about in the wrong direction.

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