Another digital era ends

It seems to be time for change around here in our little digital world. First we have the transmigration of Revolution, one of our industry stalwarts. Then, today, another – Juliet Blackburn, head of digital for the past nine years at agency selection and management gurus AAR, has taken the plunge and is off client-side. It’s a pretty bold step as it happens, as I think everyone thought that Juliet would either cave in and join an agency one day or remain at the head of the table of digital agency selection forever.

Personally I think it’s a good move – and Skype will make the best of her ability to cut through the bullshit to get to the real thing. Many of us will be sorry to see her go. Some won’t… I’ve heard various agency heads over many years vent their frustration at Juliet’s sometimes disconcerting ability to navigate past flimflam. To be honest, and no matter how we’d all love to have been put forward for more (and here I’m speaking as AAR’s digital agency for the past five years: we’ve had no special favours) it has meant AAR’s client-to-agency matching process has been unimpeachable. Kerry Glazer, AAR’s CEO, will have a challenge on her hands finding a replacement who is half as good.

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