Well, what a week

I started out the weekend getting my solo gliding certificate, and flying my first four flights with no-one else in the plane. Here’s a picture of the KA13 I was flying (it’s the red one at the bottom).

We then spent most of the rest of the weekend finalising our move into new offices while we wait for the brand new and very cool offices to be fitted out. How come? Well, we’ve just completed a deal to become part of Hasgrove-owned Amaze plc, the UK’s largest non-London digital agency. They’ve got 180 people in Manchester, Chester, Brussels – and pretty soon it’ll be 50 in London too. We’ve made Head of Client Services Emma Nicol and Planning Director Pete Anderson shareholders in recognition of the work they’ve done over the past couple of years while we’ve built up to this point, and it’s well-deserved.

We’ll continue to operate under the Underwired brand, and of course we own the eCRM.co.uk website and trade mark, so the pointy-head stuff we do, along with the lovely design work Jason’s team produces, will continue but with a bit more, well, momentum behind it.

So, a momentous time. And we’re extremely happy. You could say I’m flying.

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