Shame on you, eBay

So, eBay scrapes the bottom of the advertising barrel, with an online banner / MPU combination listing results for Patrick Swayze memorabilia including a 99p video of Dirty Dancing – available now on eBay UK. I do hate advertising. In fact, there seems to be very little to redeem it these days. Ever since our ad breaks were transformed into zippy topped and tailed bits on Sky+, I’ve not missed it one bit.

And on the few occasions recently when I’ve actually had to sit through advertisements on the telly I’ve been shocked at how bad it is. To whit, crass ads that seem to have been created by morons from cheap advertising agencies, with no hint of irony. Bad acting (Peter Jones, there’s no excuse), bad editing, bad voiceovers, bad construction, bad branding… has nothing moved on since the 80s? I’m aghast.

Anyway, the dross and unforgivably tacky online aberrations like eBay’s let the few redeeming campaigns stand out, simples.

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