An email, by proxy

I started to write a blog post yesterday about the ethics of signing an eCRM email personally, even though the signer would have been on holiday at the time of broadcast. It was an interesting question, scuppered a little by the vagueness of the ethical dilemma, and thoroughly undermined by the fact I’m off on holiday myself later today with no guarantee it would be published before I go.
This week I read about a new service that’s caused a bit of a stir, that will send emails on your behalf to loved ones after your demise. Very little different to what a Will can do, though I suppose more easily distributed and less focused on a fusty solicitor’s office and family tantrums, and more to do with being able to say things in death not possible due to location, fear or convention in life. In the meantime you can also, of course, have someone pretend to be you on your behalf – though a big brand hiring a PR company to write the CEO’s blog is clearly beyond the pale (and doesn’t achieve the Groundswell thing anyway). It’s much, much more effective and engaging to just be yourself, something which, for example, Jane Fonda does so disarmingly on her blog.
Next week it will be Natalie pushing the button on Underwired’s monthly news email (so if you want to read a few thoughts on the Payment-by-Results zeitgeist then drop her an email to join the list – [email protected]). And then of course while I’m away I’ll be vicariously sending correspondents my out of office autoreply… the realisation of which finally spiked yesterday’s blog draft.

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