Bob, The Ad Contrarian

I had a bit of an argument with some guy called Bob, who blogs as The Ad Contrarian. He appears to have some kind of following in the oldschool advertising world. And he doesn’t like the new-fangled stuff like the internet. So I had a bit of a pop at him in the comments on his blog (about a post he wrote in April).

Anyway, it was all very entertaining, and I don’t think either of us came out of it well really – both of us have very different viewpoints and the world takes all sorts. It’s a long set of posts and you can, if you like, read the whole thing on his blog. Be warned, he ends up doing quite a lot of swearing ;)
The interesting thing for me was that he then decided he was so right he’d paste the whole thing as a new blog post right on his home page, inviting people to side with him using the comments field. Which some of them have, along with the expected number of insults (pompous Brit etc.) However, many of them haven’t, and I’ve decided to close the door quietly and back away. Anyway, here I am writing about it. I wish I’d been more articulate (though I enjoyed the wordplay), and that I’d used more stats to nail the argument down, but ultimately it’s his blog, his followers, and his industry he caters to. Me, I’m just an interloper in his universe, though I still think my universe is taking over :)

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