Tentatively approaching Podcasts

I went to a seminar the other day organised by AAR (yes, we did their website) and presented by Dawn Sillett, a brilliant creative psychologist who does a variety of in-company workshops to improve creativity and engagement.

One of the take-outs from the seminar was that everyone has a different way of taking in and assimilating information. When we do presentations, a third of the audience may want to see diagrams and to visualise, say, customer journeys. Another third may listen intently and create a model in their heads based purely on what they hear – they might sit in a meeting with their eyes closed and a finger pointed at their ear. Another might want to get a gut feel for the people, and if they trust you, trust you to get it right.

Dawn wondered out loud how many of us had a website that caters for all three of these types of people. And it’s true – we do the visual thing very well. And our eCRM website does the ‘feel’ thing pretty well too – people we’ve spoken with say they get a good impression of the people at Underwired from the way the site presents our characters.

The one thing we don’t do at all is present ourselves in an auditory way. No music (though the eCRM website seems to really scream out for it!), no sounds, no podcasts.

So I’ve started to play with recording some of the articles I’ve written recently. It’s hard – I’ve never recorded anything deliberately before, and I keep muffing it up. Someone once told me I give speeches like Captain Kirk acts – and I guess it’s transferring into the podcasts. When I’ve got one that people here like, I’ll add it to the Underwired website and you can let me know what you think – good or bad! Add a comment if you have any tips, or sign up to our email list if you want a nudge when the first recording is online.

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