Katz Kiely, Employee Engagement and Culture Change Specialist

Katz Kiely, Employee Engagement and Culture Change Specialist

Eighteen years ago, we persuaded the BBC to give us £500K to commission content for their brand spanking new website – while engaging a community of early adopter influencers.

Spotting a growing opportunity, I founded a transformation agency in 2003 to help big companies figure out what “digital” meant. Over 7 years, working with some of Europe’s biggest brands, we designed and delivered the world’s first open-innovation competition, set up innovation labs and pioneered strategy hacks and multi-channel, influencer-led campaigns.

Then I got headhunted by the UN. Against all odds, working with CEOs and political leaders, I designed a multi-strand strategy that connected 6,500 global leaders with 10,000 school kids, touched millions of people and added millions to the bottom line. Since then I founded a tech start-up (an enterprise software company) and have direct experience of the demands of getting start-ups off the ground and meeting investor needs.

I am a Fellow of the RSA, a member of Vint Cerf’s Innovation for Jobs, and four years ago the founders of Burning Man invited me to join them at Burning Man – I remain a massive advocate!

My consultancy work focuses on brand, employee experience, market positioning, innovation, communications and culture change.

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