Julia Perry, Psychometric Testing and Senior Executive Coaching

Julia Perry

Julia Perry, Psychometric Testing and Senior Executive Coaching

In 2001 I started one of the first integrated Executive Coaching and Assessment companies outside the USA. At the same time I graduated from Coach U, the leading global provider of advanced coach training programmes.

Since then I have developed a comprehensive range of fully accredited, psychometric specialist coaching and assessment programmes (available in 27 languages), working with boards to optimise management teams and identify outstanding ‘A Player’ candidates, both external hires and internal fast trackers.

My expertise has helped both established and fast growth organisations in financial services, mediatech, insurance, luxury goods, retail, digital start-ups, social care, FMCG, government departments and the security services.

I particularly love working with decision making business leaders from a range of cultural backgrounds, who are seriously interested in increasing ROI, competitiveness, focus and credibility and reducing risk, unnecessary cost, wasted time and staff and team mis-match.

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