Felix Velarde, heavyweight chairman, NED and board advisor

Felix Velarde, heavyweight chairman

Twenty-four years ago I started one of the first specialist web design companies, then enjoyed a career as an industry leader and founder of several innovative digital creative and strategy agencies. Before the switch to consultancy this included being chairman at pioneering eCRM firm Underwired, CEO of The Conversation Group and Adjunct Professor at Hult International Business School (MBA and Masters programs). You can read more on LinkedIn or in Wikipedia.

Since 2016 I’ve been on the central organising team and am UK lead at People-Centered Internet, chaired by the Internet’s co-inventor and architect Vint Cerf and co-founded by CRM’s inventor Mei Lin Fung.

I’m a heavyweight chairman for several agencies and tech startups. My consultancy work focuses on agency launches, positioning, fast growth, maximising exit value, and M&A including preparation, negotiation strategies and strategic due diligence.

Outside of work I’m an adventure-lover and Burning Man regular.

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