Bryan Wilsher, Consulting CFO and Non-Executive Director

Bryan Wilsher, CFO

Bryan Wilsher, Consulting CFO and Non-Executive Director

In 2004, Bryan Wilsher led Loewy into a four-way merger under the chairmanship of Luke Johnson. Bryan took the role of CFO and, alongside the CEOs, developed the group by M&A from 60 people and £6 million revenue to 350 people and £32 million revenue in 2011. Bryan led the work necessary to secure a £16 million Private Equity investment, plus follow-on investments of a further £5m. In July 2011 Loewy was sold to another private Group.

Bryan continues a long term involvement with Prescient (market research) as Chairman and shareholder. When it was formed in 2003, he was appointed non-exec Chairman of BEcause, an experiential business (exiting in 2014). With others in 2009, he backed the funding and launch of a retouch/post production agency, My Brother Bob and is a director, investor and adviser to both Concrete Media and Ambiental (both software companies) and a business consultant to three creative/PR agencies.

Bryan brings both financial and broader commercial experience (including tax and legal awareness) supporting Boards in developing and delivering strategic plans as well as providing pragmatic advice on day-to-day issues.

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