Heavyweight Board Advisor to Fast-Growth Agencies and Tech Start-Ups

I work with owners of exceptional agencies, tech start-ups and private equity firms, identifying exactly what to do to accelerate growth and holding their feet to the fire as they achieve it. I also run workshops to define market-leading positioning, and deliver intensive growth acceleration programmes.

The companies I work with usually double or triple revenue in two years.

During a career as an industry-leading CEO I became fascinated with combining an optimised board process and clear positioning to achieve fast growth. Today more than twenty successful companies have used this structured approach, and the results are exceptional:

  • After two years of 40% annual growth, in 2018 Impero won Agency of the Year1, B2C Agency of the Year and Design Agency of the Year.2
  • Alpha Century grew from a seven-person ad agency to £35m billings3 in eighteen months.
  • In two years MomentumABM went from £3 million revenue to £6 million with £1m EBIT, and launched into the USA with $1 million in first year revenue.
  • In eighteen months Nucco Brain tripled revenue and completed its sale.4

1: The Drum Awards 2018
2: UK Agency Awards 2018
3: Number 1 in Campaign’s New Business League 11/07/18
4: Nucco Brain acquired by Unit9, exited 04/18

So how do you get these results?

Positioning and Competitive Differentiation Strategy Map Implementation Roadmap
Great positioning defines who you are in the eyes of clients.

With the right inputs, self-qualifying leads come to you, leading to average win rates of 70%.
Strategy and planning
Without a clear plan that your team owns you won’t achieve your strategic goals.

The Strategy Map frames the process and ensures buy-in and long-term commitment from your superstars.
The Strategy Map becomes a Delivery Roadmap, with prioritised activities carried out over two years.

This will double your revenue.
Workshop day 1
Competitive differentiation and working proposition.

Workshop day 2 (opt'l)
Using the proposition to fuel the lead gen process.

Pitch training.
Workshop day 1 (opt'l)
Owner-driven strategy clarification and prep for team day.

Workshop day 2
Strategy Map definition and creation by senior / growth team followed by development of the initial Delivery Roadmap.
Chairing monthly sessions
Morning spent reviewing numbers, KPIs and Roadmap activities.

Afternoon spent on CEO mentoring and specific training for critical Roadmap deliverables.

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