A seriously good book, for once

As some of you know as the result of a speed reading course (see here) I did a few years ago I’ve read a huge number of absolutely dreadful business books. Seven stand out. The first one I’d recommend to anyone, because it is a work of brilliance that will transform the effectiveness of your staff, is Who – the A Method For Hiring, by Geoff Smart. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

PS. If you buy the book or ebook via the above link, they’ll give me a teeny amount of money. Believe me, I’d make an awful lot more if I linked to all the business books I’ve read, but you’d hate me for having to wade through the 99.9% of utter dross that you really don’t need to waste your eyeballs on.

PPS. Did I tell you I’m writing a book? Apparently it’s all in the title. I’m on the case.

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